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Sometimes we all need a ride and go now! takes you from A to B in a heartbeat. Our carsharing cars are at your service for one-way trips in Helsinki, Vantaa and Espoo.

Use The City Car With Your Phone

Our city cars are the perfect choice for short one-way trips in the city whether you use them for work, leisure time or in surprising situations. All our cars are at your disposal with an easy to use mobile app that lets you reserve the car for your use and open the car doors. You can start driving in a heartbeat any time you need a ride from A to B.

The burdens of maintenance, refueling and parking are all taken care of. Your only task is to enjoy the ride!

When should I use the citycar?

Driving to meetings, transporting things, carpooling, going shopping, taking kids to school, going to hobbies…. The list is long! The city car helps you get around every time you need a ride.

This Is How It Works

Find & Reserve

Find the nearest car and reserve it for yourself. We will reserve the car for you for 15 minutes. Charging starts when you pick the car up and start driving.


You pay only for the time you use the car in your day-to-day trips. All inclusive prices include fuel, insurance&registration fees, maintenance and parking.

You can also pause you reservation since the application automatically notices longer stops. You can go grab a cup of coffee and pick up where you left off.

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We have taken care of the parking fees for you.

When ending the reservation, find a suitable spot or
reserve a parking place. Our service area:

  • Helsinki city center
  • Parking spots in Vantaa
  • Parking spots in Espoo

Restrictions to parking … Read more

Start Driving Today

Download the application, register
and start your trip today

We handle new registrations on weekdays from 8 am to 4 pm.

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